Success Stories


Yogesh was my instructor for Business Analytics, R and Tableau. He has very strong domain knowledge, with a friendly approach and open to doubts and discussion. His hands-on approach to problem solving and simplifying concepts so that a person with zero background can also grasp data science concepts is very good. A very informative and knowledgeable person and fun to work with.

Rudranee Kavthekar

Tech Lead, Tata Technologies

Yogesh sir is such a perfect trainer..he will not only teach you the complex concepts of analytics with great ease but also will train you how to think and develop your thought process as per the industry needs. His sessions are always full of knowledge, simple and thorough discussions of concepts and fun..of course bcz its Yogesh..

Pooja Joshi

Analyst, Capgemini

Yogesh Singh is Technically very sound when it comes to applying business analytics techniques to actual business bottlenecks. His enthusiasm to solve business problem statement is commendable, he is very good at using tools like R and python. Your assignments and classroom trainings have really helped me to grow technically and professionally in my career.

Ashish Jahagirdar

Sr. Manager, FCA

What can I say but simply OUTSTANDING. First day of class is a good memory of how you drew away my fears and made me feel comfortable and that we could do it. Simple everyday examples shared making the most complex algorithms look so easy. You have taken time off your busy schedules and replied to us even on subjects that you haven’t taught us. Thank you !!

Derrick Braganza

Program Manager Analytics, Shoppers Stop

Yogesh was my Business Analytics trainer.The way he dealt with the concept was so pragmatic. All his classes have been Industrial Oriented. He is a person with a lot of adequate knowledge in the field of data science which made the sessions very interesting and interactive .He made sure the sessions were clear for each and every one of us and never hesitated to go for extra session when needed. I feel so pleased to be trained by Yogesh. Professional,Helpful and Friendly are few adjectives to describe him.

Saranya Srinivasa Raghavan

Business Analyst

Yogesh is a detail oriented person with a strategic outlook and new ideas which he always managed to develop as per the need of the hour. An excellent mentor for Data Science to work with/under and who provides you an opportunity to learn every spur of the moment with unconventional ways and forms.

Jivitesh Varma

Sr. Risk Analyst, Citibank

I had a 1 month course on R Programming conducted by my company. Yogesh sir was my trainer. His way of teaching is fabulous, straight forward and understandable. After his training my knowledge on R programming has grown from nothing to a pretty confident level. Thank you so much sir for training me. Hope we stay in touch and I keep learning more and more from you.

Aman Sharma

Senior Analyst, eClerx

Yogesh is a very learned faculty.His style of teaching is very easy to understand and highly appreciable .He is very strong in his domain knowledge and has a practical approach of solving cases. A rare combination is a friendly,learned faculty with assertive nature and he is one of them. I am privileged to have got a chance to enhance my intellect on business analytics from a highly experienced and progressive faculty like him.

Nabanita Kar

BI Technology Lead, Globant

I have had the opportunity to attended several sessions, held by Yogesh, on topics like market basket analysis, regression, clustering in data analytics. One of the most important aspect I found about his teaching, was his ability to make things simpler. No matter which background we came from we all could easily understand the most complex concepts. He is extremely passionate about teaching, and goes above and beyond to offer a helping hand to his students. I am very fortunate to have learnt Analytics from him.

Geeta Garud

Head Marketing and Corporate Communications, Infovision Labs

Yogesh is a very learned individual with immense industrial knowledge The way he explains concept makes statistics so simple and interesting He thrives on numbers and makes sure every solution is substantiated with numbers Detail orientation and high technical competencies are his strength. It was a great learning and working experience with Yogesh. I wish you all the luck in your future endeavors. May you keep striving and working towards your passion.

Pragati Ghateshai

BI Analyst, LCBO, Toronto – Canada

He has huge breadth of knowledge and expertise in tying different ends together and draw meaningful inferences. He always took our doubts seriously and solved them with patience. His practical approach was useful in offering ‘hands on’ experience to naive trainees like me. Even after breaks/lunch, I felt that there was a lot of energy and enthusiasm in the classroom. Moreover, he is capable of keeping the entire class in splits with her amazing sense of humour………in short a complete trainer he is! I strongly recommend Yogesh and wish him all the best for his future endeavors 🙂

Pooja Mimrot


It was always informative and fun attending his lectures. I always liked the way he made statistics and other relatively dry concepts interesting by bringing in day to day examples ranging from e-commerce to healthcare and any industry for that matter. In effect, this breaks down the complexity of coding into comprehensible chunks that even someone from non-coding background can easily understand the concepts. Besides, he is always there to answer your doubts no matter how dumb they are as it used to be in my case. Thanks so much sir for the wonderful faculty you are!

Arun Anthony


I was trained by Yogesh on Data science. It was a wonderful learning experience. Yogesh is best at what he does. He is been a great teacher and mentor. I’d like to take an opportunity to appreciate his teaching skills.

Makarand Mahalle

Data Science Intern, Holga Tech Pvt Ltd.

Yogesh Sir has taught us Data Analytics course and I have high regards for his knowledge on this subject, interest on learning & sharing trends in analytics and ability to resolve queries.

Priyanka Vipin Tharayil

Business Analyst, John Deere