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- Live Instructor-led Online Trainings

- Experienced Mentors with 15+ years of industry experience

- Special sessions for Interview Preparations

- Batch size not greater than 10 students per batch for proper personal attention

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"Vinay is a highly experienced trainer. He managed and overlooked my content creations work for one of his client that covered Machine Learning and Deep Neural Networks and his feedbacks were intuitive and easy to understand."Rahul Mishra (Data Scientist)

"What can I say… Yogesh is simply OUTSTANDING. First day of class is a good memory how he drew away my fears and made me comfortable and that we could do it. Simple everyday examples shared making the most complex algorithms simple. Took time off busy schedules and replied to us even on subjects which did not teach us."  – Derrick Braganza (Program Manager, Shoppers Stop)

Key Program Features

From Industry Data Scientists for Future Data Scientists

A group of data scientists from the industry and entrepreneurs have joined hands together for preparing practical and realistic courses for aspiring Data Scientists.

Case Studies across multiple Industries

15+ case studies ranging across various domains in step wise structure way for proper learning

Keep Learning Simple

We believe in simple teaching of high level concepts makes learning enjoyable. Simple methods help students grasp more and remember it for a longer time. 

Interview Preparation, Mock Drills, Concept Checks

Regular Mock Drills and Concept Checks and Interview Preparations to have higher probabilities of securing job

Master Program Details

Introduction to Python

Inferential Statistics

- Probability

- Statistics (Central Tendency, Spread of Data, Data Distribution)

- ANOVA, Chi-Square Test

- Univariate Analysis

- Bivariate Analysis

- Hypothesis Testing (t-test, z-test, p-value)

- Quiz

Introduction to Machine Learning

- Scikit Learn Package

- Supervised and Unsupervised concepts

Linear Regression

- Understanding the concept of Linear Regression

- Maths behind Linear Regression

- LASSO Regression and RIDGE Regression

- Case Study 1 (Theory + Practicals + Reporting)

- Case Study 2 (Theory + Practicals + Reporting)

- Quiz

Logistic Regression

- Understanding the concept of Logistic Regression

- Maths behind Logistic Regression

- AUC and ROC Curves, Confusion Matrix

- Accuracy, Sensitivity, Specificity, Precision & Recall

- Cutoff Methods in Logistic Regression

- Case Study 1 (Theory + Practicals + Reporting)

- Case Study 2 (Theory + Practicals + Reporting)

Capstone Project 1 for Certification


- Hierarchical Clustering (Maths + Case Study + Practicals + Reporting)

- K-Means (Maths + Case Study + Practicals + Reporting)

- DBScan (Maths + Case Study + Practicals + Reporting)

- Quiz

Decision Trees

- Maths behind Decision Trees - Information Gain, Remainder, Loss

- C4.5 (Maths + Case Study + Practicals + Reporting)

- Random Forest (Maths + Case Study + Practicals + Reporting)

- Quiz

Time Series

- Understanding Time Series and its concepts

- Exponential Smoothening 1 (Maths + Case Study + Practicals + Reporting)

- Exponential Smoothening 2 (Maths + Case Study + Practicals + Reporting)

- Exponential Smoothening 3 (Maths + Case Study + Practicals + Reporting)

- Test for Stationarity

- ARIMA (Maths + Case Study + Practicals + Reporting)

- Quiz

Boosting, Bagging and Cross Validation

Dimensionality Reduction

- PCA (Principal Component Analysis)

- LDA (Linear Discriminant Analysis)

Ensemble Techniques

Master Quiz for Certification

Capstone Project 2 for Certification

Our Trainers

Yogesh Narayan Singh

A full time trainer having 15+ years of industry experience and having worked on Insurance, Hospitality, Telecom, Banking and Energy domains. He has been an international trainer for ICAC Mauritius and a number of corporates in India. He has also been training more than 1800 students on Data Science in last 5 years. His educational background is B.Sc (Physics and Maths), BTech (Electronics and Telecom), M.Tech (Data Science). He holds an expertise in Fraud Analytics, Marketing Analytics, Pricing Analytics and Churn Analytics.

Vinay Borhade

Has expertise in predictive analytics, decision making, using AI and ML techniques. Renowned Guest Faculty for Data Science and AI, invited by top rated institutes and colleges. Having an IT development experience of 15 years. SME in Investment Banking, former Sr. Manager at Bank of America for 10+years. Has trained over more than 1500+ students on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. He holds expertise in Deep Learning, Computer Vision and Audio Analytics. He has been mentoring a number of students on Neural Networks.

Who are we?

We are a team of entrepreneurs who have joined hands towards a better grooming of candidates interested in Data Science. We also work on our in-house products on Data Science and consult few companies on Machine Learning. We believe in simplistic approach for complicated problems by constantly mentoring and reviewing to ensure that the student who gets certified by us can easily adapt and get absorbed by the  Data Science industry.

To understand the program better and learn more about our mentors and certifications, Contact Us now !!