Data Science Applications


Recommender Systems

Understands the data of your customers’ buying patterns and guides them to buy more products. This helps you in up-selling more products which in turns helps in business growth. Recommendations in products keeps customers happy and connected to your business.

Retail Analytics

Consumer demand and sales, marketing expense balancing, procurement decisions. We look into the demands and sales and help you decide with your best marketing options. We further help you optimizing the procurement steps to gain more on the business.

Supply Chain Analytics

We help you with connecting supply chain forecasting to distribution models and pricing models. This helps us dive deep into specific improvement opportunities such as promotion planning, inventory management, and channel management.


Audio Analytics Research

Automated Transcription

Audio data mining can help transcribe unstructured data extracted from audio, hence transforming small businesses. More efficient and productive insights can be gathered from audio to text conversions. Further it can automate complaint analysis, improve compliance management and perform voice based sentiment analysis.

Understanding Customer Opinion

AI-based speech recognition on recorded calls can interpret an exact and accurate meaning of what your customers feel about your product and service. Enhanced customer support experience can help business bring overall satisfaction.

Intelligent Training Management

Training audio would be indexed by subjects using NLP techniques and classified into various topics. Can help intelligent voice based searching capabilities on audio for speedy doubt resolutions and tracking pace if the sessions.


Computer Vision Processing

Vehicle Tracking System

Automated Vehicle Make, Model and registration number plate identification and mapping in the legal jurisdiction will be vital for law enforcement authorities. Existing camera infrastructure can be enhanced to integrate with AI technology like Computer Vision to achieve the goal.

Health Status Monitoring

Automated MRI and XRay scanning is crucial for speedy and more accurate diagnosis of the ailments like Tumor and Nerve Damage. Also the equipments cost can be reduced drastically which is used to visualise the 3D models.

AI Powered Surveillance

Surveillance of private and public properties, factory equipment and employee wellness and similar use cases take up a huge cost and manual infrastructure. Integrating cameras with AI and Computer Vision can accomplish the task in automated way and controlled costs.